Clinical Staff

Our Nurse’s Mission Statement:
We want our patient’s perception of us to be: dedicated physicians and staff who promote health by their skills, integrity, kindness, and compassion. We thank them for putting their trust in our hands.

Martha Lamoureux, RN



Martha F. Lamoureux, BSN, R.N.
Assist to Karl Swann, MD



Wendy Banis, RN
Wendy I. Banis, R.N.
Assist to Donald L. Hilton, Jr., MD





Phoebe C. Gonzalez, ADN, R.N.
Assist to Robert J. Aranibar, MD






Lina Flores, RN
Lina A. Flores, BSN, R.N.
Assist to Robert G. Johnson, MD






Maria Byron, RN
Maria T. Byron, BSN, R.N.
Assist to Arnold B. Vardiman, MD







Margaret Reyes, RN
Margaret H. Reyes, BSN, R.N.
Assist to Christopher A. Bogaev, MD






Dan Flores, RN
Dan Flores, R.N.
Assist to Donald P. Atkins, MD








Carrie Curiel, RN
Carrie E. Curiel, BSN, R.N.
Assist to Jordan J.M. Jude, MD